Modifiers -1 Haggle, -1 Pilot, -1 Charm, -1 Computers
Attributes Humans are pretty charismatic charming people, -1 Charisma and -1 Charm when charming a race that isn't Kerbal or Ork.


Modifiers -1 Strength, -1 Intimidation, -1 Melee, -1 Shooting
Attributes Due to the Ork's larger size they take larger steps and have thiucker skin than other races, +1 Movement, +1 Armour. 
Detriments Ork's aren't exactly pleasant looking to other races, +1 Charm rolls when charming other races.


Modifiers -1 Intelligence, -1 Computers, -1 Stealth, -1 Haggle
Attributes Due to the Kerbal's small size, they can fit into smaller spaces than other races, -1 Stealth when hiding this way. They can also talk their way around a trade, giving a 10% discount at licenced vendors.
Detriments Because of their small size Kerbals are not so intimidating, +1 to Intimidate rolls.


Modifiers -1 Computers, -1 Repair, -1 Intelligence, -1 Athletics
Attributes Because of their coding Android's get a bonus to deception as they can convincingly fake emotion in their voice, -1 Deception. When using computers to gather information they gain a +1 to the roll.
Detriments Android's do not quite understand the process of haggling so have -1 to Haggle rolls.


Alorian's are one of the few Alien races that Humans came into contact with first, they come in various different sizes and colours. They are humanoid in shape although look different in that they adapt to their home world, be it an ocean world, jungle world, desert world or something else.

Modifiers -1 Charm, -1 First Aid, -1 Perception, -1 Deception
Attributes If made angry Alorian's become berserk, giving them a +1 to hit roll and +3 to damage.
Detriments Outside of their berserk Alorian's are rather peaceful and wont generally get into fights.
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