Class Description Modifiers Attributes Detriments Starting Items
Captain Captain's are experts at flying ships. Captain's are generally a Dexterity and Intelligence based class. -1 Piloting, -1 Perception, -1 Computers +2 on dice rolls to escape evasive manuveurs. None (Gain 1 less Modifier) Light melee weapon or a handgun: (1D4 damage), Star Map (Required for navigation)
First Officer First Officer's are talented with weilding Guns. First Officer's are generally a Dexterity based class. -1 Shooting, -1 Stealth, -1 Climb, -1 Athletics +2 on "to hit" dice rolls when aiming. +1 Brawling, +1 Melee Gun: Can be any kind of long range gun (1D4 damge)
Medic/Scientist Medic's and Scientist's act as doctors which are stationed on ships, they will adminidter any kind of medical help when needed. They are also usually the ship's cook. Medics are generally a Intelligence based class. -1 Intelligence, -1 First Aid, -2 Perception -2 to Gather Info when there is medical or scientific gain. +2 Strength Light melee weapon: (1D3 damage), Medical and Recipe Books, Medical equipment.
Mechanic Mechanic's are the repairmen/women on the ship. They will fix any problems that arise mechanically. They can also repair and upgrade Androids. Mechanic's are generally Intelligence based characters -2 Repair, -2 Computers Can use projectile weponry such as grenades and certain special types of guns. +2 Charisma Projectile weapon: Set of 4 grenades or similar. (1D6 damage, AoE explosion, can damage allies.), Mechanic's equipment.
Bruiser Bruiser's are adept at fighting up close, they usually use melee weapons and heavier armor. Bruiser's are generally Strength based characters. -1 Strength, -1 Brawling, -1 Intimidation, -1 Melee Inate +1 Armour and +1 Damge Reduction. +2 Charm Heavy melee weapon: Such as a large sword or axe, if 1 handed can have medium shield, (1D6 damage, 1D4 block)
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