Azara Katar
Reddit Username Lorcian
Race Alorian
Class Captain
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Position Captain
Bounty None
Name Class Race
Azara Katar Captain Alorian

Character DescriptionEdit

Azara is a pretty blue Alorian, derived from the aquatic sub race. When she berserks, her flesh turns a violent red, her teeth sharpen and her eyes turn yellow.


Movement 4 Armour 0
Strength 15 Intelligence 9 Dexterity 16 Charisma 10
Brawling 17 First Aid 10 -1 Melee 15 Charm 8 -1
Climb 14 Repair 15 Shooting 19 Deception 10 -1
Intimidate 16 Computers 8 -1 Piloting 12 -1 Gather Info 15
Athletics 13 Perception 9 -2 Stealth 17 Haggle 12
Reason for Bonus Modifiers Attributes Detriments
Alorian -1 Charm, -1 First Aid, -1 Perception, -1 Deception If made angry Alorian's become berserk, giving them a +1 to hit roll and +3 to damage. Outside of their berserk Alorian's are rather peaceful and wont generally get into fights.
Captain -1 Piloting, -1 Perception, -1 Computers +2 on dice rolls to evasive manuveurs None

Perks and other abilitiesEdit

Steam Vent Using her breathing system, Azara releases a mist into the area, causing non allies to have -2 to aim and perception rolls. (Lasts 2 turns)
Heroic Actions
Rallying Encouragement Party memebrs gain +3 to their next combat roll
Bubbly Personality +3 to next Charisma roll
Virtue At one with Nature Because of the ancestory of the Alorain sub species Azara is part of, she has natural healing over time. Gain back 2 health at the end of combat
Vice Two Faced This character is of short temper and becomes fearsome when provoked  +2 Strength branch rolls when provoked


Credits 5000
Item Amount Type Description
Energy Blade 1 Weapon A blade created with energy from a hilt. (1D4 damage)
Star Map 1 Item A map used for navigating galaxies.



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